As a retired high school principal of many years, psychologist Dr. Saideh Malekafzali clearly understands the difficulties that youth of today are facing. She developed her passion for working with adolescents from her career at Visions In Education Charter School within the San Juan Unified School District. She believes strongly in diversity and values cultural backgrounds; through this belief she helps people transform at a much deeper level. Dr. Malekafzali speaks Persian (Farsi) language, is a lifelong learner, and is Chief Executive Officer of Tavana.             


Saideh Malekafzali, Ed.D.

Alex L. Andrade Jr., PsyD is a primary care psychologist who helps people manage difficulties while building overall health and well-being. In addition, he has a private practice in Sacramento ( As a third generation Mexican-American, Dr. Andrade brings his professional background of 10 years experience in primary care clinics to Tavana. He connects with individuals of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds in a manner that transforms the conversation of diversity to one of unity rather than separation. 

Alex L. Andrade Jr., PsyD

Daniel Rockers, PhD is a clinical psychologist and creativity specialist; he is best known as an idea generator and change agent. In this role, he asks questions to help people see differently, make change, and solve problems. Dr. Rockers attributes this skill to his cultural background of growing up in a German farming community in rural Kansas. As Board President of Tavana and with 20 years of professional, yet practical idea-generating experience, Dr. Rockers provides directional guidance to the organization.


Daniel Rockers, PhD